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Is PMC Fincorp a good share to buy ? Should i invest in it or not ?

1. Is PMC Fincorp  a good quality share ?

According to Investo Lingo analysis of PMC Fincorp Ltd’s financial track record over the last ten years, the company is of average quality.

2. Is PMC Fincorp  overestimated or underestimated ?

When compared to the past, PMC Fincorp’s key valuation ratios appear to indicate that it is in the Fair range.

3. Is PMC Fincorp a good share to buy right now ?

Investo Lingo Price Trend analysis indicates that it is Weak, indicating that the price of PMC Fincorp Ltd is prone to fall in the short term.
However, before investing, kindly verify the rating on Quality and Valuation by consulting your share broker and financial planner.

More Information about PMC fincorp

PMC Fincorp registered as a non-banking financial institution with its headquarters in India, Pmc Fincorp Ltd company conducts business in investment activities and other financial services.
The company has been involved in the financing industry and invested in both listed and unlisted companies’ stocks.
All types of businesses, from small startups to major enterprises, can receive support from the company’s working capital solutions.

Working capital loans, running capital loans, and business loans are all available from this company.
Working capital is used to help businesses meet their day-to-day end-to-end and short-term needs.

Business funds are granted based on the long-term needs of the business and the scaling up of a venture.
It also offers customized financing business solutions based on client requirements.


 Further details about company are as following.


Business: Financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding

Parent Organisation PMC Fincorp limited

Incorporation Date: 1985

Chairman: —

Managing Director: Raj Kumar Modi

Listing Code: BSE: 534060

Country: India

Headquarters: Rampur, Uttar Pradesh




Is PMC Fincorp good share to buy ! No, here at Investo lingo we suggest it with a big no

This is absolutely one stock to avoid because of the following reasons—

– Despite reporting consistent profits, the company does not pay dividends.

– The company’s interest coverage ratio is low.

– Promoter ownership is low: 16.60 percent.

– For the last three years, the company has had a low return on equity of 4.69 percent.

– The company is having several discrepancies in its books , may be capitalizing interest costs.


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