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All-weather FMGC stocks to invest for year 2021

Top FMGC stocks to invest this year Fast Moving Consumer Goods are products that are  comparatively low-cost and easily sold in consumer markets, or FMCG in short.  The fourth largest segment of the  Indian economy is the FMCG industry. FMGC industry is the growing pillar of indian economy…
Naman Sharma
January 3, 2021

Stock Market MAKING NEW HIGHS Amid the pandemic

Stocks yield big profits and bigger questions. There is still a reasonable amount of confusion, including  the US presidential elections, including how we will exit the pandemic.   Despite the lockdown, the number of new Demat accounts increased since the Lockdown of March-May, the Indian stock market making new highs. NSE internet trading volumes jumped 53 percent in April, and indices rose a third following the March 23 low. According to the Securities and Exchange Board of India estimates, the number of new dematerialized or Demat accounts opened in 2020  the financial year was at least 4.9 million, a rise of 22.5 percent compared to the 4 million Demat accounts opened in the previous year. At the end of fiscal 2020, the cumulative Demat…
Bhavneesh Verma
September 24, 2020